International Entrepreneurial Spirit:Explore Market Actively, Operate Enterprise Practically, Set up business Sincerely, Create glorious Achievement.

Business Philosophy:  Honest, Pragmatic, Innovation, Excellence:

Honest--  Arraystar enhances employee’s cohesion to let them enjoy job and grow with the company hand by hand                      and train them to be always honest to all the customers forever, the aim to achieve win-win between clients and us.

Pragmatic--  Arraystarled promote practical, efficient work style, not impulsive, not exaggerated, down-to-earth and

to enhance value for customers, win the customers’ satisfaction.

Innvoation--  Arraystarled Encourages innovation in optical light, differentiation achieved with continuous innovation to

enhance the competitive edge expertise.” People don’t have, we just do it, people have, we expert”.

Excellence-- Arraystarled Pursuits excellence in the light optical quality, Excellent service, we are constantly improving and optimizing technology, process, service and management, our attention to detail, excellence,: We only do Excellence”.

Arraystar Value-- Arraystarled means a series star LED lights, we would like to always offer different LED lights to our customers and promote these LED lights to be star LED lights in the market, To be loyalty and listen to customer, to create value for all customers.

Our Goal-- To be the Chinese LED lighting industry leader, Furthermore, To be international LED Lighting industry bellwether.